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Topless Influencer's Video Turns Into Tragedy As She Hangs Out Of Moving Car's Window

She was hanging out of the passenger side window as the driver recorded her stunt on a mobile phone...


Sean Hannity Gets 'Caught In The Act' When He Thought It Was Commercial Break

Fox News host Sean Hannity failed to realize that television cameras were back on following a commercial, and he was caught on TV vaping.


Woman Calmly Accepts Ticket From Officers And Goes Home, Later Gets Unexpected Knock On Her Door

A pair of deputies from Brevard County, Florida, received praise for assisting a family that seemed to be down on its luck.


After Facing Prom Rejection, Teen Girl Hears Famous Voice Over School Loudspeaker Then School Erupts Into Chaos

A Minnesota high school student set her eyes on Dwayne Johnson as her prom date, and took to Twitter to ask him out.


Customer Puts Note On Front Door Of Subway Ripping Megan Rapinoe, Franchisees Say They're Fed Up

Megan Rapinoe sparked controversy at the Tokyo Olympics, and now a group of Subway franchisees want the company to fire her.