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Zion Oil & Gas Founder John Brown Is On A Mission From God To Find Oil In Israel

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John Brown is on a mission from God to find oil. More specifically, he’s on a mission from God to find oil in Israel. His company, aptly named Zion Oil & Gas, is based in Dallas but has 22 employees in both Texas and Israel. The company is publicly traded, has already spent $130 million, and has drilled four dry holes.

“God creates this. He provides the money and the place where to drill. Now why we haven’t got the oil yet, I don’t know. I have never drilled one oil well I didn’t expect to find oil,” Brown said to NPR. 

At 73-years-old, Brown is getting a late start in the oil business. He made his previous fortune with a tool company, but had a religious experience after a visit to Israel. He claims that he had no prior interest in oil before visiting the nation.

“I was an alcoholic that God saved, took me from being in the tool business and sent me to Israel and told me he was gonna do something. Zion Oil & Gas was nothing. I didn’t even think about something like that at that point,” Brown said. 

Brown is basing his next drill off the Book of Deuteronomy, which he believes hints at areas that might contain oil in Israel. 

While there’s still potential for Brown to strike it rich with the right dig, basing his science purely on theological concepts is a risky gamble, except for investors that share his faith.

Morningstar claims that Zion Oil & Gas’s stock has “lost 90 percent of its value in the past five years.”


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