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Youth Pastor Posed as Teen Girl on Facebook, Asked Boys for Nude Pictures

Former youth pastor Nathan Hasty reportedly set up fake Facebook pages as a teen girl and solicited nude photos from boys, some of whom were in his youth group.

Hasty pleaded guilty to one charge of sexual exploitation of a minor on Wednesday in Fort Wayne, Ind., and was sentenced to jail for 15 years, notes the Associated Press.

Court papers say that Hasty worked as Campus Life Director for the Fort Wayne Youth for Christ for about nine years.

Facebook contacted the FBI about the fake accounts in early 2012 when the social media giant found the fake pages all had the same IP address.

The FBI investigation claims Hasty used two fake female Facebook identities to flirt with boys, ages 12 to 14, and ask them for naked pictures.

Hasty would ask the boys for webcam sessions, but then told them he could only watch because he lacked a camera on his computer, reports WANE.

On a third fake Facebook account, Hasty reportedly posed as a nineteen-year-old male and contacted girls and boys for sexual conversation and pictures.

Hasty was busted on Sept. 21, 2012 and told law enforcement that he had used a fake Facebook account to speak to members of his youth group, which may have included "sexual" conversation.

Youth for Christ fired Hasty a few days later.

Sources: WANE and Associated Press


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