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Your Tax Dollars Paid for "Condom Couture" Fashion Show

Keep it classy, Planned Parenthood:

Twelve students from the Columbus College of Art and Design have proven your health teachers wrong-there is more than one way to wear a condom.

On Thursday, Oct. 1, CCAD put on their 2009 'Condom Couture' fashion show. This event, held at the Bar of Modern Art, was a celebration of Planned Parenthood's 77th anniversary.

Before the event, there was a reception for patrons featuring a live jazz band, swirling condom-shaped lights, and a slide show about Planned Parenthood.

The program began with a fashion show of designs students had created with condoms.

...Although host Ali Barrett joked "cocktails, condoms, high fashion... typical Thursday night," 'Condom Couture' was anything but typical.

Despite being described as a celebration, it was also an inventive, fun way to raise money and increase awareness for Planned Parenthood of Central Ohio. (source)

These people get our money. The government gives Planned Parenthood our tax dollars.


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