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Young Girl Asks God To Forgive ISIS Terrorists

A young girl is now living in the Ainkawa Mall along with many others after ISIS militants pushed her and her family away from their home in Qaragosh, Iraq. When reporters of SAT-7, an Arabic-language TV network, asked what she would do if given a chance to retaliate, she had a surprising answer.

“I won’t do anything to them,” said the child, named Myriam. “I will only ask God to forgive them.” When asked if she, too, could forgive the terrorists, she said “yes.”

“We used to have a house and were entertained, where as here we are not,” the little girl said. “But thank God. God provides for us.” The child explained that God loves her as well as the many others who escaped with her and that God “wouldn’t let ISIS kill” them.

According to the Christian Post, ISIS forced over 400 Christian displaced Iraqi families to vacate the Mosul area of Iraq, resulting in them finding shelter in the mall of Ainkawa. They are living in the mall thanks largely in part to contributions they are receiving from humanitarian organizations.

The video released by the TV network shows several other children mentioning their school and church as aspects of their lives they miss the most before ISIS took over the region in which they once lived.

"Jesus will be here with us no matter where we go," said one child, and is seen nodding "yes" when the reporter asks, "Even here in this camp?"

At the end of the video, the refugee children are seen outside the entrance of the mall singing: "My love for my glorious Savior will increase with each new day. A new life, a happy day, the day I reunite with the Lord."

It is inspiring to see these children appreciating the opportunity to live a new day despite losing almost everything. Even at a very young age, these children have displayed such optimism and strength despite their difficult situation.

When a child named Fluorine was asked whether Jesus was with them in this camp, she quickly asserted "yes.”

"In our hearts."

Sources: The Blaze, Christian Post, Christian Examiner 

Photo Source: Public Domain Images, Open Doors via Christian Post


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