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Yo, Mitt, is it Boxers, Briefs, or Mormon Underwear?

In 1992, presidential candidate Bill Clinton was asked if he wore boxers or if he wore briefs. He laughed and replied, “Usually briefs.”

When candidate Barack Obama got the same question, he said, “Whichever one it is, I look good in them.”

But now we have Mitt Romney. The question has to be rephrased to consider his religious
preferences. That’s because Mormons who have been promoted to a certain level in the church hierarchy are supposed to wear official Mormon underwear.

These are called “temple” or “cathedral” underwear. They carry a certain spiritual significance,
kind of like the Jewish yarmulke. Wearing the garment comes after one has had an Endowment
Ceremony, where one accepts the covenants of the church.

There are sacred markings on the underwear, which appear to have been borrowed from
Freemasonry. The markings are to remind the wearer of commitments made to the Mormon
Church and to Jesus. The underwear is said to provide spiritual protection and to deliver one
from evil.

So, they are worn day and night, by both men and women.


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