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Yes, John that it so true! He or his hagiographers- holy  propagandists- had him follow those prophecies that in no way refer to him! And the claims of miracles evince more doubt about him.  Furthermore, we only have hearsay accounts that  are as as sound as any telephone game and that then scribes ever reworked1

 And that comedian- theologian John Hick asseverates that why, he didn't even claim to be God his own father!

Yes, that totalitarian cult leader did say some things that some take to affirm himself as God, but he also said there is no one good but God, not even himself, and Hick asseverates also that the writers just put words into his mouth! Yes, and his fulfilling prophecy do affirm that.

It is the scam of the ages to call him a moral leader as Miklos Jako, deist,in "Confronting Believers, notes.

Yes, he was just another miracle monger, god-man amongst so many  others, a man of his times- not beyond them morally.He was no more unique than all those others!

Now, some mythicist stray beyond reason in finding him some amalgamation of other religious heroes. Their writers all imbued the milieu of superstition with the same elements of the virgin birth, in one form or the other, the savior, the one others try to kill and so forth.

So, Yehua could have existed but not as Christ. Oh, and Jews know that has part of the wrong branch of the House of David, he could never have been the messiah, a political,not a religious figre to boot!

 Whilst  George E. Wells now recognizes Yeshua as a real perons, Richard Carrier now begs to differ.

Why, John?

Let's reveal Yeshua's silly and-dangerous precepts!


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