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Yes, I Like the New Atheists

I have been critical of the New Atheists before for their lack of clarity and philosophical rigor. My main point is that they say lots of great things, and quite eloquently, but they also make lots of mistakes, especially when discussing the arguments for and against God's existence, on which none of them are trained.

One of my goals on this blog is to reveal that nearly all of the issues typical of internet and interpersonal debate about theism and atheism have been discussed with much greater clarity, precision, and care by analytic philosophers.

Soooooooo much of the popular discussion on these issues is badly confused or misguided, and I'm not so much trying to win the debate as to clarify it by summarizing what more careful thinkers have already written about it.

The New Atheists have done tremendous good for nonbelievers and for the world in general. My message to them is: "Keep up the good work!" Sure, I disagree with them here and there, but that's true of everyone.

What I would like to see is a million-selling, popular-level book on atheism written with wit and humor, but by someone actually trained in these issues, like Graham Oppy (pictured above left) or Bill Rowe or, well, Matt McCormick, whose upcoming book The Case Against Christ will probably not sell a million copies.

From Common Sense Atheism


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