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Women Who Don't Cover Hair Are 'Sluts,' Jordan Court Rules

A Jordan court of Muslim law ruled last week that women who don’t wear the Islamic hijab are “sluts,” much to the chagrin of Jordan’s women’s rights groups.

India Today reports that a lawyer objected to a witness by arguing that there is a fatwa stating that any woman does not cover herself or hear a hijab is a “slut” who should not be allowed to testify in court. The Amman Sharia Court of Appeal agreed to the claim that the woman’s lack of headwear would compromise her testimony.

The Jordanian Women’s Union issued a statement slamming the court for discriminating against women and thus violating the Jordanian Constitution.

This ruling has left the Jordanian Women's Union fuming. In a statement, the Union described the court's ruling as discrimination against women and a violation of the Jordanian Constitution, which considers all Jordanian men and women as equals.

"According to the fatwa, which the court's decision was based on, women who aren't covered up are "sluts," and that gives those women a bad name. Furthermore, the court was unable to support this fatwa apart from with something written in the introduction of a book by Egyptian Islamic Theologian Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi."

The Union went on to iterate the ways the court’s decision violates Article VII of Jordan’s constitution guaranteeing men and women equal rights, and to lambaste the Personal Status Law, which gives women less rights than men in personal or family matters, such as filing for a divorce.

“The court's decision is an attack on women and their honesty and dignity, especially that the decision was made by the highest court in the religious judiciary,” it writes, demanding that the court revise its decision and the Personal Status Law.

Arab news source Al Bawaba reports that in 2012, a Christian woman in Jordan was fired from her job at a bank for refusing to hear the Islamic hijab, which her supervisors insisted was part of her uniform.

Sources: India Today, Al Bawaba


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