Women Take Antidepressants Because of Abortion Guilt, Says Christian Radio Host (Audio)

Liberty Institute lawyer Matt Barber said on his Christian-based talk show today that American women are taking antidepressants because of the "burden and the guilt" of having an abortion.

Speaking on his "Faith and Freedom" broadcast, Barber claimed that 40 percent of women in America have had an abortion, which is causing them massive guilt and antidepressant use, especially around Mother's Day, noted RightWingWatch.org (audio below).

"As we look at Mother's Day, you know, there is little wonder that so many women are walking around taking antidepressants," stated Barber. "On Mother's Day, there are mothers of dead babies walking around feeling the weight and the guilt of having had an abortion."

The New York Times noted last year that the major cause for the increase of antidepressants in America is the “false positive” diagnoses of depression made by health care providers.

According to the BBC, a study in 2011 found that "abortion does not raise the risk of a woman suffering mental health problems." The report was based on data from 44 studies of women with an unwanted pregnancy.

Sources: BBC, The New York Times, RightWingWatch.org


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