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Slovak Woman Faces 6 Yrs For Soiling, Burning The Koran (Video)

A woman who recorded herself defacing a Muslim holy book may face up to six years in jail (video below).

Sheila Szmerekova, 24, filmed herself in front of a Slovakian flag urinating on a Quran and then lighting it on fire. She posted the shocking video online, but it has since been taken down, Metro reports. 

Szmerekova, from the central Slovakian city of Ruzomberok, has been arrested and is in police custody. The young woman has been charged with the creation of extremist promotional materials, nation and racial defamation and the promotion of ethnic, racial or national hatred. 

She used paper to cover her face as she left the court while saying nothing to the media. 

According to Andrea Predajnova, the general prosecutor's office representative, Szmerekova's video was made available online in December 2016. 

A woman police officer stated: "In the video she shows a book with the title the Quran and she repeatedly said that it was the Quran.

"She tore out the pages and threw them on the ground. She urinated on the pages and wiped herself with some, and then she set them on fire."

According to The Mirror, Szmerekova can be heard saying in the video: "I will hunt you all step by step. No matter if it is a woman, a child or a man. I will bump off anybody who gets in my way.

"I do not care about the criminal complaints. It will not stop me. I have a message for everybody, including the police -- nobody will stop me," she declares.

Her personal profiles on social media feature extremist opinions, many of them anti-Muslim in nature.  

Some on social media, however, took issue with the charges and potential sentencing she now faces.

"And do people who burn British or American flags get 6 years prison??? No!" one user posted under the story on Metro's Facebook page.

"I guess she should have just burned a flag instead..." wrote another.

Currently, flag burning is protected under the First Amendment in America.

Perhaps worth mentioning, however, is that, while Szmerekova is set to stand trial in her native Slovakia, the events in her video allegedly occured in Finland, according to Metro.

In statements to the Slovakian media, her mother Olga claimed that her daughter's behavior took a dark turn after being sexually assaulted as a teenager. 

She said: "Romani gypsies raped her when she was 14. It was said to me that there were 14 of them. since then she has acted like this."

Szmerekova spent some weeks in a psychiatric ward and at a youth detention center. The mother of a 7-year-old boy, she lost custody of her son due to heavy drinking and child neglect. 

Sources: Metro, The Mirror, Freedom TV/Youtube, Metro/Facebook / Photo credit: chzaib/Pixabay

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