Woman Stole $45,000 From Restaurant After Claiming To "Bless" It


Law enforcement officials from Long Island, N.Y.’s Nassau County are currently searching for a suspect who is wanted for stealing $45,000 from a local restaurant.

The suspected thief carried out her act under strange circumstances, allegedly telling the restaurant owner that his business would prosper if he allowed her to bless his money. The owner complied, giving the woman a large sum of money and agreeing to meet with her 30 minutes later. 

According to Long Island Newsday, the woman disappeared with $45,000 in the owner’s cash instead of blessing it. She did not return to the restaurant. 

The money was stolen from Los Amigos Hispanic Restaurant on Union Ave. in Westbury, NBC New York reports.

Although the incident took place on July 26 of last year, police recently released surveillance footage of the woman exiting the store with the money, and they are asking anyone with information to contact them confidentially at 1-800-244-8477. 

The relationship between the woman and the owner is still unclear, as is the reason that the two made an arrangement for the money to be blessed. If apprehended, the woman faces a grand larceny charge.   


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