Christian Woman Screams At Easter Bunny (Video)


Christine Weick, a Christian woman who famously yelled at Katy Perry's dad in November 2015, shouted at people during an Easter egg hunt and berated the Easter Bunny in Church Hill, Tennessee, on Easter weekend (video below).

During these incidents, she was accompanied by Angela Cummings who uploaded the videos to her YouTube page.

In the first video, Weick drives into a church parking lot where she sees the Easter Bunny waving at her. Weick gets out of her car and screams at the person in the bunny suit: 

This is the church of the holy God. You are nothing more than Santa Claus coming into a church. Shame on you! You call yourself a Christian in a pagan costume! Shame on you! When you stand before God, I wonder if you'll be wearing that. Shame on this pastor!

In the second video, an unidentified man apparently ripped Weick's protest sign at an Easter egg hunt and she demanded that a police officer arrest him for destruction of property.

The officer tells her, "You are not going to tell me what I am or am not going to do."

Weick tells the cop that the man destroyed her $6 sign, but the officer says it's under $500 so she will have to work out with the man.

"Then they're gonna get more preaching!" Weick screams. "That right there is the law of Jesus Christ, right back to us! Destruction of our property!"

"That right there is an example of your church!" she shouts. "I speak the truth here and you don't like it! And you know what, they crucified Jesus Christ for the same thing! They crucified Jesus Christ for speaking the truth! You guys are the same way, you crucify Jesus Christ yourself with this pagan activity!"

Weick later told WJHL that their "reason for being there was a rebuke to, number one, the church who put it on, and number two, the parents who dragged their children to this pagan event."

“I don’t need to get 50 scriptures out to tell you why God is offended about the Easter bunny,” Cummings added.

The Easter egg hunt was sponsored by the First Freewill Baptist Church on March 26. Pastor Chris Crabtree, who heads the church, said that the women showed up outside the church on March 27 to preach outside during Easter Sunday services.

Weick has said that she is homeless and living in her car because she is estranged from her family, according to Joe My God.

Sources: Joe My God, WJHL / Photo credit: Angela Cummings/YouTube

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