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Woman Says She Was Ticketed For Christian Faith (Video)

Judy Jones says that a Florida Highway Patrol officer recently gave her a ticket in Punta Gorda because of her Christian faith (video below).

"I'm above the line here, and it's not blocking my view," Jones told WBBH.

According to Florida law, there is a line on each windshield that marks how low tinting or transparent vinyl lettering can go. Vehicles cannot have lettering or material that is not transparent on a windshield.

"First thing he said to me, he said, 'I want you to know that you are breaking the law,'" Jones recalled. "And I said, 'How am I breaking the law, sir?' He said, 'With that sign up there, that Jesus thing up there.'"

Jones' ministry truck windshield sports vinyl lettering that states: "What Would Jesus Do."

Jones plans to fight the $100 ticket.

"I'm going to court for Jesus," Jones told the news station. "It is not obstructing ... my sight at all."

Russell Uhlig, who has put the same type of lettering on other cars and on his own, said: "In no vehicle that I have had that put on, from mine to anyone else's, does it block that view. Every one of those decals are in that tint strip."

"I was picked out to be picked on in the name of Jesus," Jones added.

The Florida Highway Patrol said that Jones was not ticketed because of religious faith, but rather her vehicle's violation of state law.

Jones also bumped heads with authorities back in September 2015 when her homeless ministry, Bread of Life Mission, was cited by Charlotte County inspectors for poor living conditions.

"They’re citing me for extension cords, we found an extra septic tank that we didn’t know existed," Jones told WINK at the time.

The inspectors said the homeless shelter had several zoning and electrical violations, including extension cords that were wired around and a septic tank that was leaking sewage.

Jones said she didn't have the money to fix the violations, and added: "I’m the dumpster for the whole world. Everybody drop off people here, they send them here in taxi cabs, they bring them here and boom, here I am stuck with all these violations."

Charlotte County inspectors said they didn't want to close the shelter down, but added that the structure had been cited with almost a half a dozen violations over the past ten years.

Sources: WBBH, WINK / Photo credit: WBBH/YouTube

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