Woman Rejected for Tour Guide Position, Christian Beliefs Ridiculed (Video)


Bethany Paquette is a proud graduate of Trinity Western University, a Christian college in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

However, when Paquette applied for a tourism job at Canada's North for Amaruk Wilderness Corp. she was rejected because of her school and her faith.

"It did really hurt me and I did feel really attacked on the basis that I'm a Christian," Paquette told CBC News (video below).

Paquette has filed a compliant with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, notes The Blaze.

Paquette, who has prior experience as a river rafting guide, got a rejection email from Olaf Amundsen, Amaruk Wilderness Corp.'s hiring manager that stated, "Unlike Trinity Western University, we embrace diversity, and the right of people to sleep with or marry whoever they want.

"The Norse background of most of the guys at the management level means that we are not a Christian organization, and most of us actually see Christianity as having destroyed our culture, tradition and way of life," added Amundsen.

Paquette wrote Amundsenan an email stating, "Your disagreement with Trinity Western University, simply because they do not support sex outside of marriage, can in fact be noted as discrimination of approximately 76 percent of the world population!!! Wow, that's a lot of diverse people that you don't embrace."

Paquette added that Norse people chose to be Christians and ended her email with a "God bless."

Amundsen replied, "'God bless' is very offensive to me and yet another sign of your attempts to impose your religious views on me. I do not want to be blessed by some guy... who has been the very reason for the most horrendous abuses and human rights violations in the history of the human race."

Amundsen added that if he met God, he would have sex with him.

Amaruk's co-CEO Christopher Fragassi-Bjornsen chimed in on the emails and wrote: "Trinity Western University believes that two men loving each other is wrong… we believe a man ending up with another man is probably the best thing that could happen to him."

"But we do not force these views onto other people, and we are completely fine if a guy decided to go the emasculation route by marrying a B.C. woman," added Fragassi-Bjornsen.

However, Paquette's lawyer Geoffrey Trotter told CBC News: "You are not allowed in British Columbia to refuse to hire someone because you associate them with other people, from centuries ago, who you think they did something they shouldn't have done."

Amundsen told CBC News that Paquette was rejected "solely based on the fact that she did not meet the minimum requirements of the position."

"Any further discussion after that, including the fact that we strongly disagree with the position that gay people should not be allowed to marry or even engage in sexual relationships, would have been a mere expression of opinion," added Amundsen.

Micheal Vonn, of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association disagreed, "What you have is written documentation that more or less is tantamount to a sign on the door that says, 'No one of religious affiliation need apply for employment here.' We don't usually see discrimination cases that are quite this stark."

Sources: CBC News, The Blaze


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