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Woman Objects To Muslim Students Praying In School, Now She's Under Investigation


The Metro State University of Denver has recently announced last Tuesday that they are currently conducting an investigation over a “verbal altercation” between an unidentified woman who yelled offensive explicatives to praying Muslim students in the campus computer lab after a video footage of the incident went viral online.

According to the tweets by an organization called Documenting Oppression Against Muslims, along with another person who had witnessed the event, two male Muslim students were praying in the MSU Denver computer lab when suddenly a woman barged in the room and started yelling offensive slurs at the two, while blasting loud music, telling them “"Do this somewhere else. F*** your religion. I don't care about your prayers.”


According to one of the two Muslim men in the incident via tweets, he explained that they come to pray inside the lab every Monday and Wednesday night, and never encountered an issue.

“They’re very respectful and we keep it as quiet as possible,” he said. “ But with her, she was immediately triggered by the sound of our Salat.”

According to the two, the woman had started rampaging after hearing the sound of the prayers by the students and proceeded to confront and verbally abuse them as recorded on the footage.


The University issued a statement on their official Twitter, saying that they are currently investigating the scenario and are trying to see if there was any “potential affiliation” with the university and the Auraria campus regarding the incident.

“MSU Denver was made aware early today of a verbal altercation between multiple students in a campus computer lab. MSU Denver takes its commitment to diversity very seriously and places a high value on cultivating and sustaining a respectful and inclusive campus community.”

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Zahid Akhtar

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