Woman Murdered After Removing Sticker From Mosque


A woman has reportedly been killed for removing a sticker from a mosque.

An Asian male cleaner told court officials that he was cleaning a mosque in Abu Dhabi when he saw the Western woman enter without taking her shoes off.

After spending some time inside, the woman allegedly removed a sticker that was posted near the mosque's entrance and left.

At that point, the man said he alerted the mosque preacher about what she had done.

“The cleaner said the preacher promised to inform authorities...he said that he then decided to rebuke her,” according to Emirates 24/7.

It was the woman’s attitude that allegedly provoked the murder.

“The cleaner told court that when he tried to rebuke her, she dealt with him in an aggressive way, prompting him to get a knife and attack her.”

Court hearings have been adjourned until December 9, as to allow the defendant to get a lawyer.

Source: Emirates 24/7

Photo Source: Wikipedia Commons


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