Woman Jailed After Saying Jesus Would Pay Her Restaurant Bill

A South Carolina woman was arrested July 12 after refusing to pay her bill at a seafood restaurant, insisting instead that “Jesus” would cover the cost.

April Lee Yates, 51, had been at Bennetts Calabash in Myrtle Beach, Southh Carolina, for almost four hours, according to the police report. Shortly after 9 p.m., the restaurant called law enforcement after Yates caused a disturbance involving other patrons, reports WBTW.

Management asked Yates to pay her $26 bill and leave, but she refused to do so. An officer asked  her if she had money to pay, and Yates replied she did not.

Responding to the officer’s next question of what she planned to do with the bill, Yates insisted “Jesus” would pay.

Police arrested Yates on a charge of defrauding a restaurant and she was jailed. Police said Yates was aware of the fact she had no money when she ordered the food, WPTV reported.

Sources: WBTW, WMBF, WPTV, My Fox 8 / Photo credit: WBTW


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