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Woman Fired For Wearing Hijab

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A Northern Virginia woman claims she was fired from her job as a dental assistant after refusing to remove her hijab, a Muslim head scarf.  

WRC reports that Najaf Khan was hired to work as a dental assistant at Fair Oaks Dental Care in Fairfax County, Virginia.  Khan claims she didn't wear the hijab during her interview or the first two days of employment, but on the third day, she came in wearing it and was told to remove it or she would be fired.  

"When I said that I would not compromise my religion for that, he held the door open for me and I walked out," Khan said of Dr. Chuck Joo, who allegedly fired her for wearing the hijab. 

Joo claims that open displays of religion are not allowed at his business because he wants to keep it neutral.  

According to Arabs in America, a hijab is commonly associated with women, although Muslim men sometimes wear them as a means of showing modesty. Additionally, Christian and Jewish women in some traditions wear a headscarf as a cultural practice or commitment to modesty.

A spokesperson for the Council on American Islamic Relations responded to Khan's termination in the following statement:

No employee should face termination because of his or her faith or religious practices. We call on Fair Oaks Dental Care to reinstate the Muslim employee and to offer her reasonable religious accommodation as mandated by law.

Khan claims that she would refuse an offer to return to work for Joo, because she could not work with someone who is "so close-minded."  

Sources: WRC, Arabs in America / Photo credit: With Love Leena

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