Woman Crashes Into House After Closing Eyes To Pray


An unidentified woman in Mary Esther, Florida, crashed into a house while reportedly driving with her eyes closed in prayer on July 7.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office said the 28-year-old woman told deputies how she was engaged in prayer when she blew through a stop sign and went into the home's yard, notes the Northwest Florida Daily News.

The woman reportedly tried to back out but was stuck in some sand. Deputies cited her for reckless driving with property damage. The woman was taken to a local hospital, but it's not clear if she was injured.

In more religious news, Ken Ham, head of the creationist ministry Answers In Genesis, recently gave Bill Nye "The Science Guy" a tour of the Ark Encounter, which is allegedly an actual replica of Noah's Ark at Ham's Christian theme park in Williamstown, Kentucky.

Ham wrote on his blog how he publicly tried to convert Nye to Christianity as people watched:

We’re glad Bill Nye took me up on my friendly offer to show him the Ark. During his visit I was able to personally share the gospel with him very clearly. On the first deck, I asked him, before a crowd of people including many young people, if I could pray with him and was able to pray for him there. Our prayer is that what he saw will have an impact on him and that he will be drawn to the gospel of Jesus Christ that is clearly presented at the Ark.

Nye recounted his version of the experience in a written statement published by the Religion News Service:

I chose to visit the Ark Encounter to see for myself the extent of its influence on young people. The influence is strong. I spoke with a lot of kids (and took a great many selfies). Almost all of them do not accept that humans are causing climate change — and that is the Answers In Genesis ministry’s fault. Through its dioramas and signage, the organization promotes ideas that are absolutely wrong scientifically, while suppressing critical thinking in our students — which is in no one’s best interest, conservative or progressive.

Sources: Northwest Florida Daily NewsAnswer In Genesis, Religion News Service / Photo Credit: Adrian Mijangos via Northwest Florida Daily News

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