Woman Accused Of Beating Jewish Lady To Convert Her To Christianity

Margurite Haragan was recently charged with two counts of malicious harassment for allegedly assaulting a Jewish woman in an effort to convert her to Christianity.

The alleged incident happened on Feb. 5 when Haragan came to the victim's home in Boise, Idaho. The ladies were reportedly acquaintances.

"The defendant was banging on the front window yelling at her that she better believe in Jesus and she was not going to leave until she did believe in Jesus," stated Ada County Prosecutor Dave Rothcheck, noted KTVB.

When the victim opened her door to tell Haragan to leave, Haragan allegedly slapped her face and dragged her to the ground.

"The defendant began kicking the victim in the stomach and thigh area," added Rothcheck. "During this time the defendant was screaming at the victim that she better accept Jesus or she would not let up."

Haragan allegedly put her foot on the victim's neck until she agreed to become a Christian, noted the New York Daily News.

Haragan reportedly returned to the victim's home on Feb. 7 where she allegedly cut up the victim's mail and carved "death bin bond" into her mailbox.

Haragan was arrested last Wednesday night. On Thursday, Haragan told a judge that she was a "sworn-in deputy of Ada County," but there are no records to confirm this claim.

Haragan refused to allow a public defender to represent her, but the judge appointed one anyway.

Sources: New York Daily News, KTVB
Image credit: Ada County Sheriff's Office Media Handout


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