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Woman Accidentally Prays To 'Lord Of The Rings' Elf

A great-grandmother in Brazil has been praying to a small figurine, which she thought was a statue of Saint Anthony.

However, Gabriela Brandao noted on Facebook on Dec. 30 that her elderly relative has been accidentally praying to a tiny version of Elrond, who is an elf from the "Lord of the Rings," notes the Friendly Atheist.

According to Catholic Online, Saint Anthony is the "finder of lost articles," so hopefully the senior will be able to find her Saint Anthony figurine.

In more prayer news, the Christian-based Family Research Council (FRC) is calling on people to pray for President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration because "the forces of hell are regrouping to expand their assault against our nation."

According to the FRC, some of those "forces of hell" include people who are planning to exercise their First Amendment rights to protest Trump:

The Inauguration is normally one of the most exciting, uplifting and meaningful events in our nation. But there are large numbers of Americans and anti-American instigators that hope to disrupt this one, and to prevent it from being a truly successful launch for President Trump and his presidency.

At least 15 anti-Trump activist groups have been issued permits in and around the inaugural events. One progressive women’s group promises 200,000 marchers. Green Party’s Jill Stein says she will join other groups to organize protests on January 20 and 21. And according to authorities, smaller protests can be conducted without a permit and one group has pledge to conduct "widespread civil resistance."

Secret Service, Park Service, D.C. police and many other law enforcement agencies have been activated to provide security for the president and the crowd, but with threats from ISIS and disgruntled activists, including professional paid activists, anything could happen.

The FRC offered this prayer along with several Bible verses that do not mention anything about the U.S. or the inauguration: "May God and his angelic host guard Washington, D.C., our outgoing and incoming president, and every man, woman and child during all of the inaugural activities! (Ps 91:all; Pr 29:2; Jer 5:26; Rom 13:4; 2 Tim 1:-8; 2 Tim 3:12-14; 2 Th 3:2)."

However, the FRC expressed concern about reports that Trump's inaugural committee has "arranged for an interfaith prayer service at the National Cathedral."

The FRC added: "Many [evangelical] Christians are understandably disturbed that the President-elect, who won the election largely due to the evangelical vote, would inaugurate his presidency with a worship service praying to multiple gods."

Sources: Friendly AtheistFamily Research Council, Catholic Online / Photo credit: Gabriela Brandao/Facebook

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