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Wisconsin Church Builds 60-Foot Cross to Win 'Culture War'

The New Life Assembly of God church in Janesville, Wisconsin raised more than $100,000 to build a towering 60-foot cross in order to win the "culture war," says Pastor Michael Jackson.

Church Deacon Wayne Korsberg told that he hopes people of all faiths, Christian and non-Christian, will come to the giant metal cross and become aware of Jesus Christ.

"If the enemies of the cross force a cross to be removed from the public park, then maybe a church should put up a 60 or 100 foot cross on their property," church Pastor Jackson told The Christian Post.

"Maybe several churches should go together and erect a large cross on some agreed on-church site. This is not a war that we sought, but it is a war that the church can and will win."

Pastor Jackson did not describe exactly what a "win" in the culture war would look like.

The "New Life Cross" weighs 25,000 pounds and can withstand winds of 90 miles per hour, says the church.

Pastor Jackson says the cross will also include "a 4,000 square-foot park pavilion, twelve benches, music, lights shining up on the cross, and a great deal of greenery... complete with restrooms."

"I find it interesting that the cross project has not been a drag on the church financially. Our tithes and offerings are up by better than $25,000 over last year at this time," said Pastor Jackson. "We still are able to operate our food pantry and other outreaches to the poor and to missions. The cross project seems to have lifted all of the income streams to the church."

The giant cross will hover over Interstates 90 and 39, two shopping plazas, and a residential neighborhood.

When asked why the church does not help the poor with the money (as commanded over 200 times in the Bible), Pastor Jackson compared the giant cross to Mary pouring expensive oil on the feet of Jesus.

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