Why secularism is is important for America and the West

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 Many think that while secularism would be good for the Middle East, they don't necessary think it  is good for the U.S. and  what is considered the West. Let's explore a little history of the West. Well before secularism (when church and state were disengaged from each other in the West) there were popes ordering the Crusades.  These were religious wars in order to win back the so called Holy Land for Christians from those of course, heathen Muslims. Men and women were burned at the stake during this time. By the way, secularism when it comes to the government, is just the government being neutral on religion and not stating or implying there is a god or not a god.

 O.K., you  might say, modern Christians would not use the force of the government to support wars based on religion. Well, Bush II seemed to believe that the invasion of Iraq that he ordered, was a war that the Christian god wanted him to undertake. Sarah Palin believed that the war was also this god's will. She also believed that a pipeline in Alaska was her god's doing. She stated about the pipeline, "we can work together to make sure God’s will is done.” Folks, you don't have to go to Iran if you want to listen to pure theocrats who believe they are legislative liasons for a god. There are plenty of men and women in America willing to do just that.

 There was a conservative talk show host who stated the three ideologies compeeting in the world today are  Americanism, Leftism and Islamism. To him, a religious right wing view where the government promotes religion and bases laws on tradition and religion is Americanism. Which is strange because what he calls Americanism seems to be a lite version of Islamism. Deities are different but both the Religious Right in American and its' counterpart in the Islamic world want much of the same. They want the government to promote the majority religion, discriminate against gays or even criminalize same sex sexual relations. They want the government to control or ban many forms of contraceptives.

  What he calls leftism also seems to be distorted. If leftist means progressive, progressivism has done this for America. It has challenged norms of injustice and inequality. Those who fought for the rights of women to vote were leftists or progressivists. It ensured children won't have to work and toil in factories. The fruits that Americans enjoy today, are to a very large extent the works of progressivists in the past. Look at same sex marriage, within 40 years 80%+ of Americans will support it. Will progressivists past get the credit from future conservatives? No, of course not. The right of that day will be fighting some future war against progress, maybe it will be a fight against full rights for beings with artificial intelligence. Of course, they will lose that in the end as they lose all of their rear action fights against progress.


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