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Why Did Obama Attend Breakfast with Anti-Gay Ugandans?

This last Tuesday was the National Prayer Breakfast. It's an event that features many politicians, getting together, to pray and I guess, eat pancakes. Or, maybe eggs. I am sure it is was more than soggy cheerios.

Who puts on this event, well, it's a group called the Family or the Fellowship. You might ask who is the Family? Well, they are a rabid anti-gay organization that has strong ties to Uganda lawmakers who wanted to make homosexual sex so illegal, that you can be executed for it.

The more tolerant among them only want to put you in prison for life. David Bahati is the Ugandan legislator who introduced a bill to create a death penalty in certain situations, for consensual gay sex. Life imprisonment for different situations. He is a member of the Ugandan Family, or Fellowship. Indeed, he hosted a couple of years ago a prayer breakfast in Uganda where American leaders of the Family met with him. They state they don't support execution of gays. How enligtened of them by the way.

Amazingly many politicians, including President Obama, went to this prayer breakfast. My question is, why?!  Don't you know President Obama, that most of the people along the lines of this group, think you are a secret Kenyan Muslim? If anything, you should be speaking at the American Humanist Association Conference.

They would absolutely love to have you, and the people who would not vote for you because you attended a humanist conference, would have never voted for you in the first place. Heck, your mom was a humanist, you are pretty much one, yourself. Even though you have condemned that legislation in Uganda, why do you associate yourself with an organization that might as well as have Fred "God hate" Phelps as its' head? At least Phelps doesn't have connections to foreign legislators who are drafting legislation to kill people who have homosexual sex.

This conference reminds me of the Red Mass, which involves a group of U.S. Supreme Court Justices and other legislators who go to a special Catholic mass to get preached to on the law. Also, a god is supposed to guide them when it comes to legislating or judging cases. I don't know about you, but I want my government employees in all branches of government using the law and reason, not some kind of spirit, when they make their decisions.  This isn't a theocracy by the way. We aren't the Vatican.

 It's unfortunate in this modern age, that politicians try to appease the religious right, even when they aren't even on the religious right themselves. President Obama, and all other legislators, I urge you make us a truly enlightened nation that does not require you to crawl to men who would make our experiment in a secular republic end for their theocratic vision.


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