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Hypocrisy? GLAAD Gives Award to "Hateful" Anti-Christian Blogger

CHICAGO, IL -- Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), today assailed the blatant hypocrisy of GLAAD, a homosexual "anti-defamation" organization, for giving an award to Joe Jervis -- who runs a viciously anti-Christian blog.

GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) gave its 2011 Media Award for "Outstanding Blog" to Jervis, a New York-based homosexual atheist and creator of the blog "Joe.My.God." -- a daily compilation of homosexuality-related news. JMG is filled with name-calling and nasty barbs directed especially at religious conservatives who oppose homosexuality.

GLAAD holds itself up as the arbiter of tolerance and recently announced its partnership with the Los Angeles Lakers to create "positive," pro-homosexual messaging in the wake of Kobe Bryant's use of an anti-homosexual slur during a game.

But if GLAAD, like AFTAH, is against hateful name-calling (AFTAH has condemned Fred Phelps of "God Hates Fags" notoriety), then it is curious that it chose to honor Jervis -- who routinely mocks Christians using cruel, de-humanizing rhetoric. For example, Jervis routinely uses the atheist term "Jeebus" in the place of Jesus to mock Christians, as he did recently with African-American ex-lesbian Linda Jernigan.

Jervis delights in referring to former Senator and potential GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum as "Frothy Mix" -- repeating a malevolent smear concocted by another Christian-bashing homosexual activist, Dan Savage, who meanly "redefined" Santorum's last name as the filthy byproduct of anal sex.

Said LaBarbera: "GLAAD's slogan is 'words and images matter.' We at AFTAH agree. Jervis' published words reveal him to be an inflammatory, anti-Christian bigot who resorts to 'defamatory' smears, lies and despicable, crude putdowns to belittle people of faith. (Jervis smears LaBarbera as "Porno Pete," falsely implying he is homosexual.)

"Apparently GLAAD's leaders despise critics of homosexuality so much that they fail to see the irony of an 'anti-defamation' group rewarding an abject hater like Joe Jervis who -- rather than engage in civil discourse about ideas -- uses gutter code words like 'Jeebus' to malign opponents." LaBarbera said. "GLAAD's hypocrisy is right up there with homosexual activists lobbying against the hiring of African American Crystal Dixon -- in the name of LGBT 'civil rights, diversity and nondiscrimination.'

"Through its Media Award, GLAAD joins itself at the hip with Jervis' brand of malicious, demeaning, anti-religious bigotry," LaBarbera said. "This is the flip side of GLAAD's ongoing campaign to shut down the voices of pro-family Christians -- e.g., ex-"gay" Americans like Richard Cohen -- from being heard in the media.

"Americans must learn the truth about GLAAD's absurdly two-faced 'anti-defamation' charade," he said. "This same media-coddled organization that tenaciously pursues anyone who 'defames' homosexuals -- or dares to challenge homosexual activist assumptions -- honors hate-filled extremists like Jervis who cruelly vilify pro-family conservatives, to the point of ridiculing Jesus Christ Himself and 're-naming' a Catholic ex-Senator as the vile by-product of homosexual sodomy."


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