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Why Christianity is False (index)

In April 2010, Brian Auten’s Apologetics 315 blog hosted a series of essays by 20+ bloggers in Christian apologetics on the subject Is Christianity True? The essays were read aloud as the Is Christianity True podcast, and collected in a free ebook.

These very short essays provide a convenient way for me to offer quick replies to a vast swath of apologetic arguments and give a naturalist’s perspective on all of them. My goal in such a short space is not to refute all these arguments but to give the “first round naturalist’s response” to them – to explain why these reasons do not persuade me to adopt again the religion in which I was happily raised. As with 100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe, a huge number of arguments does not mean any of them are good arguments.

In the midst of repelling all these Christian arguments I’ll try to squeeze in relevant, condensed versions of atheistic arguments so that I can explain not just why the case in favor of Christianity fails, but also why Christianity is not true.

I will also be reading the essays as the Why Christianity is False podcast (also on iTunes), for those who prefer listening to reading. ((This is me throwing a bone to those who are sad that I cancelled my Counter-Apologetics podcast.))


Stay tuned as I publish these short essays!


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