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Why Atheism is in the Religion Section

Atheism is in the religion section because it is a religion. If it were an intellectual void of belief, it would not gravitate towards religion, and be the obsessive compulsive stalker religion that it is.

Here's a test. Go for a day without thinking about God or religion. If you can't, then you are more religious than most professed christians.

Honestly, most of you godless heathen types are way more zealous than your average christian. You share more, even though you have nothing to share. You pray more(to your god, the government) to destroy other, more tolerant religions. Your inquisitions and holy wars are more deadly (Stalin and Mao killed millions trying to stomp out Christianity and what not, while fake christians killed less than ten thousand in the inquisition and quite a lot less during the crusades.

As far as unhappy, bloodthirsty, freedom-killing religions go, Atheism is king. Islam may have killed more, but Atheism has more KPY(Kills per year) when it holds the reigns of power.

I personally believe in Christ, because his way is the way of peace and love, and freedom. If you're a miserable, hateful, sour, unhappy adherent to atheism, and you want some happiness in your life, I suggest you have a little talk with Jesus, and be free from atheism's oppression.


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