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White Supremacist David Pedersen Took Girlfriend on "Road to Hell" Killing Spree

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David Josph Pedersen, a 31-year-old white supremacist from Everett, Washington, admitted to taking his girlfriend Holly Grigsby on a killing spree that Grigsby's husband (yes, she was married while dating Pedersen) described as "a road straight to hell."

The murderous, Kalifornia-style rampage began with Pedersen's father, David Pedersen Sr., and stepmother, Leslie Mae Pedersen last September in Everett. The family killings were especially brutal. David shot his father in the head then slashed his stepmother's throat before hitting the road to complete two more killings.

David Pedersen Jr. claims that he killed his father because his father sexually abused his sister and cousin. Prosecutor Mark Roe said that these allegations were a factor in his decision not to seek the death penalty for David.

“The police investigation revealed that many years ago, when his children were young, the late David Pedersen engaged in child abuse,” said Roe. “Significant, credible evidence exists that he engaged in multiple acts of child sexual abuse, victimizing his own children, and others.

The defendant has repeatedly confessed to killing his father, and cited some of that abuse as a reason why. Whether that was his true, sole or only motivation is less certain, but what is certain is that any jury considering his fate would first hear hours, days, or perhaps weeks of testimony on the subject, some of it from the actual victims of the abuse," according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Police arrested David and Holly in California after a two-week crime spree that touched three different states. Holly told police after the arrest that the couple planned to "kill more Jews" when they reached Sacramento.

Holly went on to provide a graphic account of the couples' murders. She said that after shooting David's father and stepmother, they jumped in David's Jeep and drove the bodies down to Oregon. There, they murdered Cody Myers, 19, on the mistaken assumption that he was Jewish. David and Holly dumped Cody's body in the woods before continuing onward to California.

In Eureka, California, the two race-driven killers came across Reginald Clark, 53, a black man whom they shot dead in his car.

Fortunately, police picked the pair up before they arrived in Sacramento.

Grigsby's estranged husband, Dannel Larson of Portland Oregon, described his wife as a victim of a person (Pedersen) capable of manipulating her into doing things she would otherwise not do, according to the Daily Mail.

Both David and Holly are in prison awaiting sentencing. The guilty plea allows David to avoid the death penalty, though he will most likely still spend the rest of his life in prison.


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