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Where is the Religious Tolerance in America?

'America is a land where all religions are welcome.'

Yeah right.

The most dominant religion in America is Christianity. While some Christians may be somewhat tolerant, most are not. Watch them as we introduce the word 'Wiccan' to them.

What do people think when they hear the word Wiccan?

A lonely, angtsy goth hell bent on revenge. A teenager attempting to rebel against their parents. A highschool outcast brooding in the corner wearing to much eyeliner.

How about a normal everyday person you see on the street? A person who more than likely frowns upon violence? A person who views nature with love and compassion, and revers it? These are traits of the common Wiccan. So many people dismiss them or frown at them at the mere sight of their religious symbol, the Pentacle.

People find themselves so involved within their religion, that they find themselves closed to the possibility of accepting anything else. When it's pounded into your head that what you are following is right, you don't want to accept anything else. So when your Holy Book of Whatever tells you that witches are bad and magick is evil, you don't want to give this peace loving witch the time of day. Instead, you want to run in fear or turn up your nose.

And what is fair in this?

"Suffer not a sorcerer to live"

"Speak not to the people of the land to which you are going. Instead, tear down their alters and break their sacred poles. For no other god can come before me, for I am a jealous god."

How nice of you. Yes, come to my home and destroy my sacred things. I don't mind.

Hmm....this sounds so familiar to me. But why?

Ah yes, the Native American Indians. This is EXACTLY what the early settlers did. They came and tore down the scared alters of the Indians, forced them to leave their homes, slaughtered them, and crammed them onto a tiny reservation.

What was their backing for this? The Indians were un-christian savages.

It's not just Christianity who exterminates those who don't follow the same beliefs. There are other religions like it. God has ordered the Christians to commit genocide against the pagans in the Bible. Yet this is the most popular religion in the world?

Each religion that exists strains to be the 'right' one, no matter what it is. It's followers firmly believe they are right.

When in reality, no one is.


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