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What Would Happen If We Relied On Prayer For Everything?

We've all heard it time and time again "God will take care of us" or "It's in God's control" or something to that effect, followed by receiving counsel to just pray about it. Well, if you're anything like most people in this world, you've heard this advice in some form or another. That said, what if we took this advice instead of taking action? How would this effect our daily lives? Consider for a moment the following scenarios: 

1) You're a Boeing 747 captain for a major airline that operates international flights, and you're mid-flight over the Pacific ocean with hundreds of miles to dry land. All of a sudden your #3 engine fails mid-flight. What do you do? Do you follow standard operating procedures to keep the aircraft flying until safety can be reached, or do you just "turn it over to God" and hope that he saves your aircraft? If you do the latter, guess what happens? Your airplane is going to crash, killing you, your copilot, the rest of the flight crew, and hundreds of innocent passengers, and it was all because of your incompetence as the officer in charge of the safety of the flight. Was it really worth it to say that it was "in God's hands" or that "God would take care of you?" Of course not, because you ignored your training, and it would have been your training and skillful handling of the situation that could have saved the aircraft and all of these lives, God having nothing to do with it. 

2) You've just been involved in an awful car accident and you're bleeding out on the side of the road. Emergency medical staff arrive at the scene of the accident and see you there, but instead of following their standard procedures which they've been trained to do to save your life, they just say "well, we'll just pray over this guy and leave it in God's hands." What's going to happen? You're going to die as a result, of course. I'm sorry, prayer doesn't save lives, it's the training of the emergency medical staff that would save your life, and whether prayer was involved or not, the outcome would be the same. 

Relying on prayer to save you in these situations is obviously not going to work, and in both cases, "putting it in God's hands" is very clearly dangerous and is costing lives. So what would be the better counsel to people in these situations? That's easy: "Rely on your training to save yourself or others." 


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