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How "Clash of the Titans" Movie Teaches about Christianity

When I was a child I loved the movie Clash of the Titans. I watched it numerous times as a 10 year old. I didn't understand all the mythology and its' connections to actual Greek mythology, but I loved the story and the campy special effects.

So, I just watched the new version. Good special effects but problems with the movie were evident. Still, not as a bad a movie as some critics panned it. But, one thing I noticed about the movie right away was how analogous it was to Christianity.

Indeed, Zeus and the other gods create human beings to love them. This love is necessary or the gods will not live. I could not help but think of the parallel to the Christian god who creates mankind in order to worship him.

Indeed, that is what those who are evangelical Christians very much believe. That their purpose and the purpose of everyone on earth, is to praise and worship this deity.

Of course, I find the very idea that a god would need somebody to love or worship him as silly. If mankind invents true artificial intelligence, would we create it to worship us? Of course not. I, nor do anyone who isn't an egomaniac would do so. Than, why do so many Americans believe so about a god?


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