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Atheist to Christians: Show Me Evidence that God Exists

In every era of history there were gaps in our understanding. We knew how women got pregnant through sex but we didn't know the internal bodily process, so guess what? God did it. We knew rain fell from the sky but we didn't know the process so guess what, God did it.

But look what's going on here, okay? Science closes the gaps. When it does it creates deeper problems and with them come the recognition of new gaps. The whole discussion about wormholes and cosmic singularities has been brought to us by the same science that closed a thousand previous gaps. Believers have been wrong to find God in the gaps of the past just as they are wrong to find him in today's gaps.

To argue like they do is an Argument From Ignorance, that is, we cannot explain something so therefore God did it. This is not considered positive evidence for god just as the negative evidence showing that an object is not a door tells us nothing positively about what that object is.

The ONLY science that supports a god faith is therefore negative evidence based in an Argument From Ignorance, a known informal fallacy. Christian, if you think otherwise then provide me some positive evidence that your god exists or acknowledge that you got nothing.

And no, historical evidence so-called, is poor evidence.


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