What is Sin ?


To understand sin, we must first understand the whole principle of Sin. Thus, we must first understand the essence behind God’s Laws, the substance over form, because it is the breaking of God's commandments with the wrong intention, is the one leading to sins. God judges ones heart. Also, Sin and morality are separate issues. Sin is separation from God not necessarily always immorality, or not all immorality are sin.

God is Spirit and thus when we want to understand His commandments; we should interpret from a Divine perspective, from God’s perspective. God wants us to understand the reason for His laws (i.e. the spirit behind the words) and not to apply on face value only. Laws are made for lawless and disobedient people; righteous people are already guided by their good intentions. Any intentions motivated by selfishness (i.e. spirit of treachery) are a form of unfaithfulness - i.e. dishonoring ones promises to each other. A good test is: "would we accept it if we are the one being treated this way?"

The book of Joshua: Rahab the prostitute chose to tell a lie, so that “Jews” hiding on her roof would not be killed by the enemies. When the midwives were called into Pharaoh and questioned why they had not killed the Hebrew male children, they lied ….. but God blessed them in both cases who were supposed to have sinned / being a liar. Many other examples are in Bible, even including “righteous murders”. The governing principle, that surpasses all others is GOD IS LOVE: “You shall love others as yourself. Love works no ill nor evil to another”. It settles any apparent conflict of principles. THEREFORE WHERE THERE'S LOVE, THERE IS FULFILMENT OF LAW. And Jesus even made it clearer during the last supper, He stated He has summed up the whole commandments in the Bible into just one commandment: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR LIKE YOURSELF.

God wants a faithful spirit, motivated by love for Him, to love others as we love ourselves. Because when we love God, we will naturally want to be faithful in all things. In all conflicting situations we face, we shd always ask ourselves if we are still bound by that motivation of love ?, or if we are doing it out of a hidden evil reason ?. The result of our decisions should be to "love & save" and our decision should not leave us feeling guilty.

In situations as such, I would pray for help from the Holy Spirit in Jesus name, for the ability to discern my situations and wait for advice from God which will prompt me inside my heart what to do. When I work with the Holy Spirit, He is so gentle and will not rush me into making any decision. And any decisions prompt by God will always leave a sense of fulfilment and peacefulness in me


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