Westboro Baptist Church Will Fly To South Africa To Picket Mandela’s Funeral


The Westboro Baptist Church announced it will fly to South Africa to picket Nelson Mandela’s funeral within minutes of hearing news of his death.

The death of the South African anti-apartheid leader was announced by South African President Jacob Zuma on Dec. 5.

“THANK GOD for Nelson Mandela being dropped into hell! Westboro Baptist Church booking flight to South Africa (not banned) to picket funeral!” the WBC tweeted on Thursday.

Several minutes later, @WBCSays added, “Westboro will picket funeral of Nelson Mandela - dropped into hell by God Almighty. #LetDeathWorshipBegin #AllCreaturesWillPraiseGodsJustice”

They also shared the image pictured above with the caption “Most powerful Nelson Mandela photo we’ve seen.”

Mandela will likely have a state procession and service in Johannesburg, but Heavy.com reports it’s highly unlikely WBC protestors would get anywhere near it.

The church continued to disparage Mandela on Facebook Friday using the former South African president’s own words.

“'Whether Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew..can help have command of one's morality’-Mandela NO!” WBC wrote.

They furthered rumors about the adulterous end of Mandela’s marriage to Winnie Mandela.

“Nelson Mandela >> ‘Whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul.’ (Proverbs 6:32),” they said.

They tweeted a link to a website called “God Hates South Africa,” which stated that “God is pickling them in their rebellious, sinful state until their final day of destruction just ahead because they have gone the way of ancient Sodom.”

Sources: Examiner, Heavy.com


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