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Westboro Baptist Church Misspells Illiterate on Flyers, Bashes ‘Illerate’ Americans

The Westboro Baptist Church released flyers to picket gay marriage in Rhode Island which asked, “Is the United States population illerate? Can’t you read?”

Well, many of us can, and we know that is not how you spell illiterate.

Gay marriage passed in Rhode Island and, as of August 1, same-sex couples can wed in the state.

The flyer, dated July 14, calls for supporters to picket three Rhode Island city halls on Aug. 1.

“This stupid country thinks it can, by popular vote, and by a ruling by the godless United States Supreme Court overrule Jesus Christ when it comes to fag marriage,” the flyer said. “How stupid is that? God Almighty will not have same-sex a marriage. It brings the wrath of God.”

Maybe spellcheck before throwing around statements like "How stupid is..."

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