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Westboro Baptist Church Met by Pro-LGBT Protesters in Montana (Video)

Five members of the Westboro Baptist Church protested on the Montana State University campus in Bozeman, Mont. where a pro-LGBT rally was being held on Sept. 9.

According to the Great Falls Tribune, a large counter-protest formed around the Westboro Baptist Church members and blocked their anti-gay signs from public view.

LGBT rally organizer Jamee Greer of the Montana Human Rights Network told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that 500 pro-LGBT supporters ate ice cream and listened to speakers from veterans' groups, churches and the LGBT community.

“I think groups like Westboro Baptist Church coming to town give us an opportunity to talk about where discrimination exists and how we can work together to end it,” said Greer.

The Westboro Baptist Church members then protested Bozeman High School where they were met again by hundreds of counter-protesters, noted KRTV (video below).

Some of the counter-protesters carried signs that read: "I love my gay son" and "I love all the colors of the rainbow."

Steve Vanwinkle, a pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church in Bozeman, said of the Westboro Baptist Church: "I'm embarrassed. It's sad. It gives a complete black eye to Christianity at large and specifically to Baptist churches."

Sources; KRTV, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Great Falls Tribune


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