Well, of course public schools are atheistic!


Firstly, it is quite disingenuous to lump God, family and country together. The reason why is simply because these could not be more unrelated concepts.

We are a migrant nation, we are a nation of people that have immigrated from England for reasons of religious oppression (only to come full circle and become the religious oppressors, I'll touch on this in the next paragraph) and much of our family tree can be traced back to other continents. We have multi-national families with the advent of immigration and migration controls and avenues. It's totally possible to have immigrated to Canada from the US and still have family in the north that you can connect with. The Christian faith is actually more into separation of family than any secular agency is.

If you read into quotes from all of the founding fathers, you can see that they are unanimously opposed to Christianity and they tried to create a wall of separation of church and state. This is one of the many reasons why Christianity should not be taught to our children in public schools, but I'll continue. The reason why they did this is because of the fact that they had come from a country where people of other faiths and denominations were consistently persecuted. Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli drives the point that this country was never meant to be a Christian nation.

Secondly, the claim that public schools are atheistic and pagan contradicts one another. Pagan faiths generally believe in the concept of a god and/or goddess and thus, run into direct contradiction to atheism, which is the state of believing in no god at all. Christians erroneously attribute many things to paganism, such as being Satanic, which is also erroneously associated with atheism when the fact of the matter is that neither the Pagan traditions nor atheism have any belief in Satan. I feel as though this is one of the only two possible connections between atheism and paganism in the author's mind, the other being the idea that all non-Christian beliefs are inherently evil. This is equitable to Scientology's beliefs that other religious beliefs and practices, such as Buddhist meditation or Christian prayer are "entheta" or "out tech".

Why is public school atheistic? Well, the fact of the matter is that facts generally lie in opposition to religion. The religious only wish to acknowledge facts which confirm their outdated dogma which is showing the degree to which it is fiction. Burning bushes, a man who lived inside a whale, a miracle man and the idea that heaven could exist in the middle east is all obvious fiction. The Christian religion is not about lifting people up or really educating people in a meaningful way but rather, to keep people in the dark as much as possible.

Historically, the priesthood wanted to make sure that the populace could not read nor right. For the longest time, the Bible was only available through the priest's interpretation of the Bible and we, the people, did not have access to it. This all changed with Gutenberg, the printing press and the spreading of the printed word. Once more people started getting access to the written word and started learning how to read and write for themselves, we had a society of more intelligent, enlightened people. The cheaper it became to print the written word and to distribute it, the higher audience they got and the more minds were stimulated.

Christianity was very opposed to the printing press as it was a way that the populace could become better educated about a number of topics - including their faith. The more that technology advances, the more people start to see that there is something deeply wrong with believing in the Christian faith.

Now, it's time to dispute their bulleted list of facts one by one.

  • Also, how does public education promote immorality and death? In many schools, you can't even hold hands with your boyfriend/girlfriend in the halls. Even history has been somewhat whitewashed to leave out our history of religious persecution of others. And I couldn't imagine any public institution promoting death more than the Christian religion, which worships and centres around a death. Listen to any of the hymns or their message and you'll see that they are a death worshipping sect.
  • How exactly could a parent's grandchildren be murdered in a school? Through what programme and what classes? And if this is true, why haven't there been any records of this?
  • Getting the facts as opposed to biblical nonsense is actually a superior form of education. There is no sex education in private Christian schools nor is there much of science. Creationism, which is taught in most Christian schools, is not science and has not been proven through the scientific method. It is less valid than the idea of a flying spaghetti monster creating the world.
  • And yet, the statistics show that it is actually Christians who are more likely to get pregnant or impregnate someone due to their serious lack of education in birth control and safe sex. They are just told to wait until they are married and many are denied the sexual release of masturbation. Therefore, they marry earlier to people they may not be compatible with or have sex in order to get that necessary biological release.
  • How can anyone be "indoctrinated" into homosexuality? Homosexuality is not a choice, it is simply an attribute assigned at birth. This is why reparation therapy does not work, because it assumes that homosexuality is a choice when it, in fact, is not a choice.
  • How do you figure that a child is more likely to be raped and/or molested in a public school? Where are the statistics in that?
  • This is totally untrue, most of the bullies from my childhood were fundamentalist Christians. I know this because they went to my church.
  • I'm afraid this must be a typo. When children are in a public school instead of a Christian Indoctrination Centre, they are more likely to be taught facts that have been proven using the scientific method. Just because you don't like the information being taught in public schools does not make it "lies".
  • Again, where's the proof that children taught in a public school are more likely to contract a STD?
  • Where's the proof that children taught at a Christian school are more likely to become pregnant? In fact, it is Christians that are more likely to become pregnant because they do not have adequate safe-sex education and are usually taught that birth control is wrong.
  • Are you kidding me? Christianity is the epitome of selfishness, not caring about the plight of people who do not believe. Want proof? Go ask any Christian if they believe that it's okay that Hitler tortured people that did not align to his political and ideological ideals. Most people in the Western world would say that it's not okay. Then ask them if it's okay that the Bible claims God plans to torture people who do not believe in his ideological ideals in the lake of fire forever? They will dance around this even though the situations are analogous. If not analogous than the Christian situation is worse because we have had Holocaust survivors. According to the Bible, there will be no surviving or leaving the Biblical Holocaust.
  • And the problem with being rebellious is...?
  • How can you kill something that isn't born yet?
  • Being someone who went to 5 reparation therapy camps in my life, I know more people that have committed suicide than most of my atheistic, pagan or Buddhist friends. Furthermore, the people who have been through these camps and continue to repress their needs have lost the luster that they have had in childhood. In an essence, they've lost a huge part of themselves.
  • Hell is a part of the Christian myth. There is no likelihood of anyone going to hell since it doesn't exist. Hell is the creation of a sick, twisted mind and is purely fictional.

Please do not be willfully ignorant, look on both sides and talk to me, I'm willing to answer any questions you may have. You can contact me on here or through e-mail at jessica@jessicasideways.com. You can also read my other works at my website and the Gaytheists, a multi-author blog by gay atheists. Be well.


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