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Evangelist Compares Ministry To Starving Child (Video)

Evangelist Anita Fuentes released a video (below) on June 21 in which she read an open letter, to her supporters, that compared her ministry to a malnourished child.

In the video, Fuentes wrote and said that "99.999%" of the people who watch her consistently are not donating consistently and are causing her "ministry rescue boat [to] tilt in a dangerous way to one side."

Later in the video, Fuentes asked her viewers: "Which of you would feed your child once every six months a can of corn to save the steak and potatoes in a shelf and say, 'This is enough nutrition for you, now feed and grow child.' That child will grow weak on you and perish."

Fuentes went on to say that her online and offline ministry has a $50,000 monthly budget.

It's not clear where Fuentes' offline ministry is, but the Friendly Atheist notes that her ministry was financially dissolved in November 2014, according to California state records.

Raw Story noted in March that Fuentes and her husband posted a video that warned how the world might end in days because of Biblical passages and a report from NASA that said an asteroid could come within 19,000 miles; the asteroid subsequently came and went.

Fuentes posted another video on June 22, in which she said that the hundreds of hateful comments that she received for her June 21 fundraising plea "literally" made her sick to her stomach.

"I can now see why Jesus will vomit some of you out of His mouth," Fuentes added.

Later in the video, Fuentes stated: 

No, we will not stop preaching this Gospel. No, we will not show you our finances. No, we will not show you our expense reports. No, we do not own a mansion, but would be honored if God ever gave us one. Even though we know we have one waiting for us in heaven.

(Note: Child malnutrition part is at 1:40, $50,000 budget part is at 3:10)

Sources: Friendly Atheist, Raw Story / Photo credit: Anitaemoaf/Wikimedia

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