Officials Find Couple On The Fun From CPS, Arrest Woman For Assaulting Officers

Erica Carey, 29, and Cleve Goheen-Rengo, 23, gave birth to twins last November. The couple claims to have lost custody of the twins, Moran Kai and Daniel, for birthing them at home with no professional assistance. The couples also has a 1-year-old son, Levi.

Child Protective Services (CPS) arrived at Carey and Goheen-Rengo's Bellingham, Washington home on Jan. 28 to take Moran Kai, Daniel and Levi into protective custody. A reason for the court order to take the kids into protective custody has not been released by the CPS.

When officials arrived at the home, however, they learned the couple had fled with their children, according to KSBW. The couple’s disappearance was not a formal kidnapping but instead considered a civil violation involving the defiance of CPS court orders, the Daily Mail reports. A "Be On The Lookout" was issued by Bellingham police, but no arrest warrant was filed.

Carey and Goheen-Rengo were spotted a week later, on Thursday, Feb. 5, at a gas station in California. It is reported that Carey became enraged when officials approached her and her children. She allegedly head-butted a California Highway Patrol (CHS) sergeant and kicked a deputy, all while screaming obscenities and praying to Jesus, according to the Daily Mail.

"Send a message to America for me," Carey reportedly shouted to a KSBW cameraman. "Children don't belong to the government. The government belongs to the people."

Carey was arrested but her partner was not. CPS was called to the scene and took the children into protective custody. Carey has since been charged with refusing to cooperate with law enforcement, resisting arrest, and battery on an officer, according to Raw Story.

It is reported that Carey and Goheen-Rengo lived a "holistic Christian lifestyle," and the couple didn’t have one ultrasound during Carey’s pregnancy with the twins. In fact, the couple only learned they were having twins when Carey gave birth.

The couple had a run-in with CPS last November, a month after the twins’ home birth. It was reported at the time that the twins were underweight with improper medical care, according to the Daily Mail.

"I’ve done a lot of research about other women who have done it and they said the spiritual experience was so much more wholesome," Carey said in response to why she chose a home birth, the Daily Mail reports. "It was just us. We wanted to preserve that sanctity and sacredness in our birth."

Assistant Attorney General Rob Olson told the Washington court that officials have been in contact with the couple 21 times since 2013 over their apparent refusal to provide proper medical care, according to the Daily Mail.

Sources: KSBW, Daily Mail, rawstory.com

Photo: Wikimedia, KSBW


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