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Was Man Cured Of Cerebral Palsy At Christian Event?

A young man was allegedly healed of cerebral palsy during a Christian event that was held in St. Lewisporte, Newfoundland, Canada, on Aug. 25, according to an attendee.

Caleb March, an attendee at the Youth Breakaway II event, wrote on his Facebook page on Aug. 27:

I'm not goona apologize for this, if u believe in God are a different religion are an atheist this is still amazing!!!

This young man named Gavin Noble from middle arm was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age it has caused many struggles in his life and has taken much function from his body he has prayed for years with no results...

This week on Thursday night he walked into the Emmanuel convention [center] chapel on the hill just outside of lewisporte.he came in limping, you need to understand! He was limping before!

Before the service he was anointed with oil (to represent the Holy Spirit completely covering him and his life)

Later, after the service when the preacher was done. the Holy Spirit showed himself in that room through other people!

People spoke in languages that they have never learned or even heard before .some people began laughing uncontrollably do to the overcoming peace that was in the room some of this took place outside. others even fell to their knees and even collapsed do to Gods power!

Someone though, was always there to catch them when God let them fall. hours later they would rise back up with and overwhelming sense of peace! Then in the midst of when all this was happening people were laying hands on Gavin and praying for him ,and after a period of praying and waiting his sickness completely left his body!

He was able to run, jump and move freely he had full function back in his body! This is a true story! Not just a thread to repost please share this not for me but to show Gods awesome power to the world! Healing still happens I witnessed it myself! Gavin said feel free to message him and ask him about the event I tagged him in the post for this reason. Your comments will not bother me!

The Friendly Atheist reached out to March who "didn’t seem to know Gavin outside of that event and couldn’t provide answers," but "made clear that nobody 'took a video of it [taking] place because we didn’t know it would happen for sure' and 'there was so much other stuff going on at the time.'"

The Friendly Atheist also contacted Noble via Facebook, and has not heard back. However, it did cite a purported picture  from November 2015 of Noble playing basketball.

Noble has not made any claims that he was healed or confirmed that he has or had cerebral palsy, but numerous Christian commentators on March's Facebook page praised the alleged miracle.

Sources: Caleb March/FacebookGavin Noble/Facebook, Friendly Atheist / Photo credit: Genusfotografen (Tommas Gunnarsson)/Wikimedia Commons

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