Was Atheist Rant at Christian Staged at UC Berkeley? (Video)


The conservative web site Campus Reform recently posted a story and video about an unidentified atheist berating a Christian, who is holding a sign on the UC Berkeley campus in Berkeley, California.

Oddly, the atheist, dressed in a gray sweatshirt and dark shorts, does not begin his rant until an unidentified camera person walks up to the Christian man with the sign (video below).

While it may be lucky timing by the camera person, the atheist appears to pacing around until the camera gets close.

On its June 28 headline, Campus Reform blares: "[SHOCK VIDEO] Atheist rants, screams at Christian on Berkeley campus, accuses him of ‘racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and homophobia.'"

Once the camera is close enough to capture the rant, the atheist yells at the Christian: "I’d be a lot freer if people like you were put in prison for the crimes of racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and homophobia."

"...You know, where I come from, you people ruin the South, you're the reason the South was a sh*thole. You people turned the South into a sh*thole. You people are responsible for slavery!"screams the atheist during his nine-minute rant.

Throughout his rant, which blames Christianity for Hitler, the atheist seems to be playing to the camera.

Eventually, campus police show up and tell the man to lower his voice.

“Then you are violating my free speech rights. The Constitution says nothing about tone of voice,” shouts the atheist.

“I am out of here, if you are going to let this happen do not say I didn’t warn you. Remember the Weimar Republic was gay fricking heaven, and look what came after it, Hitler," yells the man before leaving.

According to Campus Reform, the video titled “How Not to Defend Atheism” was originally uploaded to YouTube in late April. However, it was removed for violating terms of service (which may happen again).

Source: Campus Reform and YouTube



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