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Waiter Gets Fake $20 Tip, Turns Out To Be Christian Pamphlet

Garret Wayman thought he had received a $20 tip at the Kansas restaurant where he works as a waiter. But the generous tip turned out to be fake, and was a Christian message with Bible verses instead.

Wayman tweeted pictures of his "tip" with the caption: "someone seriously left this as my tip today. pissed is an understatement. i was so excited when i saw $20."

According to, the Christian pamphlet's title reads: "Don't be fooled! There is something you can have more valuable than money!" and encouraged the reader to seek "faith thru Jesus Christ."

"I'm 17 years old, $7,000 in debt because I had to buy myself a car, juggling full-time school, and working seven days a week," Wayman told Tech Insider.

"He just left that," Wayman added. "I wanted to tell him that I only make $3 an hour and bust my a-- at my job to make way less than I deserve, but he was gone by the time I had the chance to."

"To get my hopes up like that ... is just flat-out mean."

One Twitter user offered to send Wayman a tip, but the high school waiter declined.

Sources: Tech Insider,, Garret Wayman/Twitter / Photo credit: Garret Wayman/Twitter

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