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Virginia County Spends Close To $1,000 To Add 'In God We Trust' To Local Government Meeting Room

The national motto is now on display in a local Virginia government after Bedford County spent more than $900 from the budget to install new signage. The plaque reading “In God We Trust” was recently added to the Bedford County Board of Supervisors meeting room and is now hanging above the board chair.

The cast-bronze fixture cost the county $924, The Roanoke Times reported. 

According to Director of Public Works Sheldon Cash, the sign was purchased from a Bedford vendor with funds from the county’s general properties budget. The budget is used for maintenance and small improvements to county buildings, WSET reported. The new plaque from K&K Signs was designed to match the existing county seal, Cash said, according to The Roanoke Times. 

The emblem was erected following a unanimous vote by the board. Supervisor Bill Thomasson proposed the idea last year, WSET reported.

“In God We Trust is on the walls of Congress. It’s on our currency,” said Thomasson. “It’s good enough for Bedford County’s board room.”

Thomasson called for the patriotic addition during a Dec. 8 meeting where he also received the board’s overwhelming consensus, according to Bedford County Board of Supervisors minutes. As a part of his efforts to ensure the installation, Thomasson cited 36 other areas in the state had already done the same, reported The Roanoke Times, although that number has since grown to 46. 

After seeing a photograph of the recent addition to the Board of Supervisors meeting room, Supervisor Steve Wilkerson said we was pleased with the sign.

“It’s just a reminder of how we need to act,” Wilkerson said. “Like John Sharp said, ‘If we’re going to talk the talk, we’re going to have to walk the walk.’”

Acting County Supervisor and County Attorney Carl Boggess said the sign should not cause a legal issue, WSET reported. 

Source: WSET, The Roanoke Times / Photo credit: Wikidmedia Commons


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