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Virgin Mary on Side of Texas Building?

There is little to hope for in the small Texas town city of New Braunfels -- it is notorious for its high unemployment levels, poverty and crime. But with Christmas right around the corner, now there is this -- some say the Virgin Mary has appeared on the side of an apartment building.

Residents say they saw the apparition for the first time on an early Saturday morning two weeks ago. 'It was shiny, just like the shape of the Virgin Mary," said Linda Cabrera.

She said it appeared to be floating on the wall, lasted for two to three hours, and then it was gone. But it returned again exactly a week later around the same time

"No joke, this is something awesome - it's amazing," Cabrera said. "It's a miracle, to me it was a miracle. It's sending a message for everybody."

A boy named Miguel also saw it. "I know how she looks because I go to church and that's her."

Residents are praying that it comes back, setting up flowers and candles beneath where they say the Virgin Mary appeared.

"Everybody needs a lot of prayers and peace. There is a lot of things going around,' Cabrera said. "We're waiting for her to come back again.'


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