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Video: Will Lynch Going on Trial for Assaulting Priest Who Molested Him

Will Lynch is accused of assaulting Father Jerold Lindner, who Lynch says molested him as a seven-year-old boy in 1975. Lynch assaulted the priest in 2010 -- 35 years after the fact.

In a recent interview (video below), the San Francisco man said that he is looking forward to facing his alleged sexual abuser in court this week.

Lynch told the San Jose Mercury News: "I've always wanted the opportunity to bring the truth into the light. I did [it] for compelling reasons. There's a system here that's broken. I did everything I could do under the law. Where does my moral obligation to myself, to society... supersede the law of the land and his rights?"

Lynch claims that he suffered the abuse in 1975 during a religious camping trip in the Santa Cruz Mountains. According to the Daily Mail, Lynch said that Father Lindner cornered him in his tent and forced him to perform a sex act on him.

Father Lindner then allegedly dragged Lynch to his own tent, where he raped Lynch and forced him to commit a sex act on his younger sibling.

Father Lindner was never prosecuted as the statute of limitations had passed before the two men pressed charges.

However, Lynch and his brother sued their former church and each received a $187,000 settlement.

Lynch looks forward to his trial, saying: "'For the first time in my life I have a voice. 'I'm empowered. I'm kind of in control of my destiny and that's all I've ever wanted."


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