Video: ‘The Voice’ Bible Takes "Christ" Out of the Bible


On CNN's 'Newsroom' this morning, host Carol Costello interviewed Professor David Capes, who has spent the last seven years working on 'The Voice,' a new translation of The Bible, which does not contain the words “Christ,” “angels,” or “apostle” (video below).

Capes explained that the idea was “to translate everything, to give them the meaning of the text and to give them a sense of where the story, this great story of love and redemption is going.”

Capes said: “We wanted to give people a copy of the Bible they would not only want to own, but would want to read. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones made the statement ‘I read the Bible sometimes, but I find it deadly boring.’ We wanted to give Keith a copy of the Bible, and others like Keith because there are a lot like him, give him a copy of the Bible that frankly he would want to read and he would not want to put down.”


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