Video: Truth in Action Ministries Compares Gay Kiss on 'Glee' to 9/11 and Hitler

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Truth in Action Ministries has released a short film chronicling America’s supposed moral decline entitled 'Losing Liberty,' hosted by Jerry Newcombe and Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, daughter of late televangelist D. James Kennedy. 

In the film, various evangelists, such as Dee Wampler, long for the good days of the 1950's, when there was segregation and discrimination.

Also, in the film, South African evangelist Peter Hammond lists “everything that is evil in this world,” as the film displays images of the September 11 attacks, bombings, drug abuse, Adolf Hitler and Kurt and Blaine kissing on 'Glee.'

Hammond also claims that the 1994 election in South Africa, the first free election following the fall of Apartheid, demonstrated the “disastrous” impact of “evangelical apathy.”

Hammond then blames the Obama administration for having “encouraged” anti-Christian persecution abroad.


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