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Video: TBN Co-Founder Paul Crouch Suggests God Will Kill People for TBN

On TBN’s “Behind the Scenes” program, recorded on February 9th, TBN co-founder Paul Crouch and his son Matt made veiled threats against anyone who stands in the way of TBN (video below).

This conversation was about one week after TBN was hit by a lawsuit from Paul's granddaughter Brittany Koper, who blew the whistle on what she called "illegal financial schemes," as reported by Opposing Views.

Matt Crouch said: "You know what’s funny dad? There have been a few attempts in the TBN history to upset TBN, to stop TBN. There have been a few fools in the 38, 39 year history, coming up on 40 years. And you what? Any attempt at stopping TBN, they have no idea who they’re actually pushing into the corner. You and mom get pushed in a corner, God help you. That’s a lesson I’ve learned from you. Seriously."

Paul Crouch added: "I have attended the funeral of at least two people who tried."

The video was originally found by the Orange County Register on the TBN web site, but was removed. Fortunately someone else made a rough copy and uploaded the video (below) to YouTube.


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