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Video: Sen. Jim DeMint Says God Put Christians "in Charge of this Vineyard We Call America"

Earlier this month, self-proclaimed 'prophet' Rick Joyner hosted a 'Freedom Congress' conference that featured speakers Oliver North and Lt. Gen Jerry Boykin (retired) and Republican South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint.

Sen. DeMint told the Christian audience to get involved in politics because parents "are likely to be persecuted in some way by the government" if they want to teach their children right and wrong.

He said parents have been wrongly sending their children to public schools where they are no longer taught that "God created this earth" even though "we know He did" because science is proving more and more that "it could not have happened by accident." 

Sen. DeMint added that Christians must stand up because God "has put us in charge of this vineyard we call America."


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